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St. Brigid's Primary School, Downpatrick
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Art Club


Monday Art Club 

Every Monday, children from Primary 1 to Primary 3 look forward to Art Club. Each week, they look at a different skill or technique and then, once the children have experimented and explored a little, the artistic talent of all the children becomes evident. All of the children are provided with opportunities to create their own piece of art to take home and show off with pride. 

So far, this year started off by looking at the colour wheel, focusing on the primary and secondary colours. They explored mixing of colours to make new colours; this lead itself to discussing the colours that they love, those which remind them of a certain place and even the colours that they may not like that much. Together, they talked about how they can use all the colours to make beautiful artwork.

The following week, the children continued their exploration of colour and, given an overnight visit from Jack Frost, we decided to make our own winter scene. Using chalk pastels, we applied the colour and then using blending, scratching and mixing of colour, the children made the background of their scene. Then then they used black card to create a silhouette of trees and snowmen for their picture. 

Continuing on from that, they looked at snowflakes and, while they may just seem like circles falling from the sky, once they are viewed close up, the shape of each snowflake is unique and beautiful. Using paper of different colours, shades and sizes, the children created their own snowflakes and each one reflected the fantastic skills of every child.

The final lesson on colour pushed the children even further when they studied the technique pointilism. They discussed how the pictures look like a solid image until it is seen close up and the dots which make up each image become visible. Then the children had an opportunity to create their own pointilism painting. Either using cotton buds or their finger tips, the boys and girls loved being able to make pictures in this way. 

Take a look at the pictures of our projects so far and make sure to check in again to see what Art Club has been doing this term.